Tuesday, 9 December 2008

It's breakfast today - A different kind of sushi

Last night before going to bed, i did a lot of prep work for Boone's breakfast. I cooked some rice, and sweet potato, and left all the tools I needed out so I wouldn't have to go rummaging in the morning.

The last three times that we have gone out to dinner it has been to a Japanese restaurant named Tomodachi . We love it. It is so good!!! We ALWAYS order pumpkin sushi, which consists of pumpkin tempura wrapped in rice and seaweed with a bit of avocado. It is then rolled on sesame seeds and served with mayonaise and ginger.

I thought i would make this for Boone's breakfast but lo and behold i had no pumpkin or sesame seeds. So i rummaged through our fridge and found sweet potato. Hm that would do, wouldn't it??

So at the crack of dawn i was up frying sweet potato and assembling some sushi. These were made with the seaweed on the outside, whereas the ones at Tomodachi are done with the rice on the outside (I will try those next time :) )

They went down a treat, he loved them!!!

Sweet Potato & Avocado Sushi
1 cup of sushi rice raw (cooked with 1.5 cups of water or as per packet instructions)
3 tablespoons of Mirin
1 tablespoon of Cooking Sake
1 tablespoon of sugar
1/2 a small avocado
1/2 a carrot sliced very thinly (I use a special tool for this that gets them as thin as if they were shredded but in long strips)
50gms of sweet potato cut into sticks (Like thick chips, and cooked in the microwave for about 3 minutes on high)
3 tablespoons of flour
1 tablespoon of cornflour
2 seaweed sheets

Whilst the rice is cooking, mix the mirin, sake and sugar in a pot, and heat the mixture until the sugar melts. Set aside.

Once the rice is done, pour the mirin mix over the rice and mix it in. Set aside to cool to room temperature.
Dust the cooked sweet potato with the flour and corn flour and deep fry until golden brown.

Press half of the rice mix over one of the seaweed sheets, and press down firmly. Add one piece of the sweet potato, then some avocado and some carrots. Roll up tightly and set aside. Repeat with the rest of the rice. Cut into small bit sized pieces and serve with wasabe and soy sauce.

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