Saturday, 15 September 2007

Fat elephant & Submerged CROC

The customer I made these cakes for was one of the best customers i've ever had. She rang me about 4 months ago, asking if i'd be able to make her a cake in the shape of an elephant eating cake for her 30th Birthday. Ok, sure no problem. She told me she had a sketch. I told her that she could come over to my place after work one evening, but she told me that it was difficult for her because she travelled by public transport (the public transport in my area sux)

So anyhoo she came to meet me at a coffee shop near my work with one of her elderly friends. She was turning 30, her friend was at least in her 70's. I thought it was sweet. So i tell her i will send her a quote by mail later (she doesnt have a PC)I send her the quote, it was quite high for this area, but lower than i would normally charge for a cake like that. She calls me and tells me that if i could possibly make another cake as well, that her nephew is turning 6 and she wants the croc cake on my website. I said no problem.So i took thursday and Friday off work in order to decorate the cakes, the cakes needed to be delivered in the afternoon (friday before 5.00pm)I didnt have any issues, and i was finished with both of the cakes (except for minor trimmings) on Thursday night.My dad came over today and said that the crocodile didnt really look like it was sitting in water, so i decide to go ahead and put the jelly i had made previously in lieu of piping jello. WTF was i thinking!!! By the time i got there the fondant underneath was melting and there was jelly all over the place. Of course this didnt happen with the previous croc i had made because i used piping jelly and it has a much lower water content. What a MORON!!!!The customer, her parents and all her friend's who were setting up the church hall for the party tonight were all oooohs and aaaaaaaahs and totally rapt with the cakes. I cleaned up Mr Croc and went on my way.Natalie (the girl) told me that Jack (her nephew) loves Steve Irwin, and that was why he got the croc cake. One of the cousin's said that when Jack saw the cake he would cry for sure. Natalie gave me a kiss and thanked me for everything. aaaaaaaaaah how nice The croc is a jaffa mudcake covered in ganache and fondant, the elephant is vanilla buttercake with coconut and caramel filling..hope they taste good. Now i can go to sleep in peace, so i can go to work at 2.00am Saturday