Thursday, 21 April 2011

Capsicum and Fetta Scrolls

Tasty Capsicum, Fetta & Cashew Scrolls
I had a delicious capsicum dip in the fridge that needed to be used up before it went out of date in about 5 days. On it's own it will not be eaten, so I decided to try to make some tasty scrolls with it.

The recipe for the dough, is the recipe that came with the bread machine for the basic white loaf. This is super easy, and soooo delicious they should be illegal!!!!
Please note that all measurements are metric.

1 ¼ cups of water
2 Tbs oil (I used rice bran has it has no flavour)
2 ½ Tbs milk powder
2 tsp salt
3 ½ Tbs sugar
4 cups plain flour
1 Tbs dry yeast
1 tub Wattle Valley Capsicum & Fetta dip with Cashews

  1. Place all the dough ingredients into your bread machine, in the order listed.
  2. Set your machine to the dough program. Mine takes 1½ hours to complete.
  3. Pre-heat your oven to 180ยบ Celcius
  4. Roll out the dough in a large rectangle shape. The dough should be about 1cm in thickness.
  5. Spread the dip over the dough, making sure you leave a 2cm band along one edge without any dip.
  6. Roll the dough from edge towards the edge that has the dip free band. (in the direction of the blue arrow as shown above).
  7. Cut 2cm rolls with a very sharp knife making sure you don't press the dough as you're doing it, you want to make sure your scrolls are nice and round and not squashed by your knife.
  8. Set the scrolls about 4 cms apart on a cookie sheet covered with non stick baking paper.
  9. Set aside in a warm place for 30 minutes to rise.
  10. Brush with an egg wash and bake in a hot oven for 15 minutes or until nice and golden, make sure that they don't burn or overcook or they will be too dry and crusty.

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faithy, the baker said...

Looks so good! I've not had my breakfast yet and seeing this first thing in the morning is not very good for me! :D thanks for sharing!