Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Cupcakes

My work pays for all employees to do two days of volunteer leave.

They have organized heaps of activities that ppl can go on, and I've been attending one on a regular basis. It is only 4 hours, so on those days i only take half the leave, and then get to do 4 days per year.

Anyhoo i help out at One Umbrella which is a food rescue organization. They rescue food that is good, from restaurants, bakeries etc, that would otherwise be thrown out.

They produce about half a million meals a year all with donated goods. These meals go to different agencies that provide meals for the homeless and the needy. So this year since i had no orders around this time, I offered to make them 60 - 80 cupcakes for easter.

They were thrilled, unfortunately i got all these orders to do now, so i could only make 63, still managed to keep my promise, but i was really hoping to give them about 100. I will try again at Christmas.

Anyway 1/3 of the cupcakes are white choc coconut mud, and the others choc mud.

Roll out a fairly thick piece of gumpaste or fondant mixed with CMC/Gum Trag/Gum Tex and cut with a long leaf cutter

Give it a bit of a bend on the end, and allow to dry overnight. Make as many as you're going to need for all your cupcakes.

Roll out the same coloured fondant, use a round cutter the same size as the top of the cupcake you're covering. Cover the cupcake and smooth over.

With a knife cut two slits a few milimeters away from the wrapper.

Insert the ears, they must be completely dry and fairly thick or they will break

Cut out two small ovals or rounds for the eyes and stick them on. Please note i didnt use any glue or water to stick any bits on, as the fondant was very soft and everything just stuck to eachother ;)

Cut out a small rectangle of white gumpaste, you can do this at the same time as you do the ears, so they can dry and it will save you time too ;)

Mark the teeth, and cut in half.

Roll out a thick piece of fondant, and cut out two small circles. Roll them into balls, and then stick them on the bottom of the face.

Roll two tiny balls of blue gumpaste or fondant and stick on the eyes.

Roll another small ball of dark pink for the nose, and flatten a little. Then two tiny balls of black for the pupils :D

Cut a slit at the front to insert the teeth, and mark where the whiskers would go with a toothpick

Making the ears and teeth first will save you a lot of time.


chris and jen owens said...

Hi Nati. I've recently started cake decorating, and found both your website and blog. I have to say that I love your stuff. Anyway, I found some super cute fondant topped cupcakes on your website, with line imprints. One of them specifically had yellow fondant, line imprints, edible gold pearls, and a tiny red heart in the middle. I'm wondering how you went about imprinting the lines? I made a cake the other day and used the edge of my icing spatula, and it didn't work. I had to press too hard, and it cut thru the fondant. I would appreciate any tips. Thank you!

Natalia said...

I did those a very long time ago. My guess is that I used the PME quilting tool, hm it may be the FMM quilting tool. I'ts just a plastic tool that you just press onto the fondant ;) and voila you've got quilting.

CuteCupcakesAllTheTime said...

HI Natalia- You have been featured on our blog. We have a blog called Cute Cupcakes. All The Time. and we have featured these adorable pink bunny cupcakes. We feature only the cutest cupcakes. You're work is amazing.

On a side note: i can't wait to try some of your Gluten Free recipes. My daughter has a wheat allergy and that coconut chocolate mouse cake on your front page looks delicious!!